About geotweeter

What is geotweeter?

Well... I'm glad you asked. It is an application that works with Twitter not only allowing you to update your status, but also include a map of your location. Through the mapping power of geotweeter you can spatially spice up your status with a link to a map of your location.

Why is my character limit lower than that of Twitters (116 vs. 140)?

Since a link containing a map of your location will be added to the end of your status update, we must take into consideration the number of characters that make up the link. For this reason, the number characters available for your status update is reduced.

What kind of location information will geotweeter accept?

Anything you would search for in Google Maps. Enter an address, city, county or landmark... the choice is yours.

What will my tweet look like on twitter?

Here is an example:

"Just out for coffee with James and Kristin. Map: http://g3o.me?153"

This application was created by Grant McKenzie and makes use of a few key APIs:

© 2010 Grant McKenzie
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